About Me

I am a 30 years old Computer Science Engineer, from Barcelona (Spain). My interest in computer graphics emerged when I was 21 years old. Since then I have devoted my free time to develop various applications. I started developing in computer graphics area, in a professional manner, when I was 24 working as a programmer in companies such as McNeel, where I developed optimizations for the non-photorealistic Penguin render. After that, I was working in the Moving research group of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), where I was developing an application for the naval design in which you can visualize models containing up to 200 million triangles in real-time on virtual reality environments. Right now, I am doing my PhD, on visualization of massive models, in Diginext, under the DIVA project, with a Marie Curie Fellowship for Early Stage Research Training. My PhD is advised by Pere-Pau Vazquez and Isabel Navazo, from the Moving research group.

Through the years, I have been using more common object oriented languages. Although I have developed most of the applications using C++, I also have a longstanding experience with Java and C#. I have used libraries such as Qt, MFC o .Net and frameworks like Ogre3D o 3dsMaxSDK. For programming graphics cards i have used both DirectX and OpenGL and their shaders programming languages, HLSL and GLSL.

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