NPR Brain fiber visualization

The visualization of cerebral fibers is important for the brain research and for the planning of surgical procedures. The function of this visualization is to highlight certain features of the model.

For the final thesis of my degree Master, in collaboration with the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the Eindhoven University, I developed a plug-in for the DTITool application which allows the fibers visualization by using non-photorealistic techniques.

This visualization allows the clear differentiation of the 3D model shape thanks to the silhouette highlight and to the global illumination technique "Screen Space Ambient Occlusion" (SSAO). Using a pencil painting technique, the orientation of the fibers can be easily recognized by the user.

A characteristic to remark which is important for the users of this application is the error or uncertainty that occurs due to the reconstruction of the fibers from the data obtained from scanners. To visualizate this error, the application allows the user to define different ranges of uncertainty being visualized using a different color for each one. By using an animation through the fibers and an appropriate selection of the colors the user can identify which are the fibers with less uncertainty. The article associated to this project is the result of my thesis work.



Uncertainty Visualization of Brain Fibers
Application to visualize brain fiber uncertainty using non-photorealistic techniques.


Uncertainty Visualization of Brain Fibers (Pdf)
P. Hermosilla & R. Brecheisen & P.-P. Vázquez & A. Vilanova - CEIG 2012
The definitive version is available at .