sEngine is a graphics engine for real-time 3D applications that it's under development since few years ago. It is completely developed in C++ and independent from both the API graphics (DirectX or OpenGL) and the OS (Windows or Linux). The main features of this engine are the following:
  • Light Pre-Pass render: The render of this graphic engine implements the Light Pre-Pass algorithm which allows rendering a large number of lights for each scene.
  • Edge antialiasing: This technique allows fading the object silhouette to avoid the effect known as jagged edges.
  • Post-processing techniques: The render incorporates various post-processed techniques. The detection of silhouettes and the Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion technique (SSAO) are implemented and available.
  • Shaders support: The render allows the easily incorporation of the shader into each rendering step.
  • Scene graph: Through this graph is possible to define a scene with its dependencies and its different geometric transformations.
  • Maths library: This library provides the main data structures used in the graphics programming (Vector, Matrix, Sphere, Box, etc.), the main algorithms (Frustum Culling, collisions between simple primitives, etc) and the different algorithms for mesh processing (calculation of normals, tangent space calculation, calculation of the main curvatures, etc..).
  • Procedural textures library: This library is part of another project and it is included inside the graphics engine to generate textures or procedural models.
  • Mesh converter: It is an aplication to convert a different format mesh into a proprietary format that can be read in the graphics engine. This application also allows the calculation of normals, tangent space calculation and the calculation of the main curvatures to accelerate the loading process.
  • User interface: The engine incorporates a simple user interface to allow the data visualization and respond to the different actions of the user.

This Project is under development and in a near future some functionalities such as HDR, scene spatial subdivision, collision detection, animated meshes, 3DSmax exporter, etc. will be also included.



Scenes generated with sEngine.