Procedural Texture Creator

This project was born starting from a library developed to generate textures from different primitive functions. This library allows generating procedural textures from the following primitive functions:
  • Lattice Noise
  • Gradient Noise
  • Cellular texturing

To generate a procedural texture is necessary to carry out a texture using one of the primitive and then, being possible to apply different filters until obtaining the desired texture. In this way, infinites textures can be generated by changing the selected filters and modifying the different parameters of both the primitive functions and each filter.

To make the use easier and in order to let any user to enjoy this application, I developed an user interface to create this type of textures in a simple way. This interface allows configuring the process of the texture's creation defining sub-processes (the different filters that will be applied to the mentioned texture) and making a connection between them.

In the following links you can download the Beta version 0.1 or check the online documentation:

This application is a Beta version, so it could have bugs. To notify bugs or make suggestions to incorporate in future versions, you can contact with me through this email direction: